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That was the week that was.

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For an Australian sitting on the other side of the world and having the
blood run to my head walking upside down.  I have finally seen everything
this week.

A.  They put a kangaroo ahead sign on the road outside my room.  I have been
at this place off and on for 20 years lived in Newcastle for the best part
of 40 years and never once seen a Kangaroo.  Seen heaps elsewhere but none
in the middle of an industrail type city.

B.  I found out about some Proposition in California(actually heaps about it
) and then that George Michael whoever he is got done for propostioning in
Toilets in California.  So by this time I was totally confused.  Dennis the
last week shows that more than 30people read this list server and it is not
safe to talk to anyone in the state of California using the word Propostion

C.  My 3 year old got a cold and I spent half of last night taking her
biscuits and milk.

D.  I read Atkinson's 95 article on Earthquake attentuation in the Cascadia
Region.  She really is good,  then again so is Alison Bent.  

E. In terms of the Arguments for and against Goverment monopolies I always
remember the words of a US Coast Guard person who said something like

We have to go out and get them but no one says we have to come back.  (PTSD
is probably a bit of a problem in that group of people)

In the end Society organizes itself into reasonable working units.  There is
room for all types in Society.  Be thank full for that.  The USGS at Menlo
Park is an example of government service at its best, but then again I'm
biased I spent 15 years in free enterprise.

Two funny incidents that mark both systems.

My wife's father was arrested once for selling bread in a completely free
enterprise system outside the proscribed hours.  ie the industry had such
tight controls through the Government that if you drove out of your bakery
before a certain hour you would be arrested.  There are obvious commercial
advantes to some.

My Supervisor's father was arrested for selling carrots outside the Soviet
government system.

F.  The Newcastle Knights Rugby League team won its fourth game in a row.
If you wonder what Rubgy league is it is one of the games that preceeded
grid iron.   These guys don't wear armour.

G.  I got a computer on my desk.

I.  I found out Bill Gates is a Father

J.  My new novel is off to a flying start

K.  I reread Tom Clancy's Debt of Honour  great book.  Still think his
portrayal  of the Marine in Red Storm Rising in Greenland would make a top
movie.  And I think Alec BAldwin makes a better Jack Ryan.

L.  I finished WEB Griffin's story on the invasion of Guadacanal he's good
read too.

M.  Got my car back (I hope from the smash repairs).

Any way Dennis and Kate and Bill I couldn't resist summarizing the week.

The only question I have is 

Who is Shafat Qazi,  I am still trying to work that out.  

John Nichols