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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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nmends(--nospam--at) wrote:

> > > Hmm.  Who built the interstate highway system?  :-)
> > >
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> > Anyone can build the interstate highway system with taxpayer's money,
> > private or public. The point is that can we do it better with the same
> > amount of money and people.  Competition, incentives, layoff, marketing,
> > etc. are the key elements that keep the economy going, not expansion of
> > state monopoly.  We all know that there are good, highly qualified
> I don't think I can agree there.  While of course competition, incentives, layoffs, marketing, etc., are the breath of life
> that keep our economy going, history seems to indicate that government has a role, too, especially in the case of a project
> with a scope the size of the interstate highway system.
Then why is the government trying to eliminate competition and shifting
10,000+ jobs from the private to public sector.  Why not let the market
decide by itself which way is more cost efficient. In my view, private
co. or government if allow to expand rapidly will run out of control
eventually.  I had worked in small (1-4 people), medium(100-200) and
large size engineering companies(4000+). Out of the three type, I found
the medium size co. to be most efficient in both cost and quality. 

> I submit that the system works best with a dynamic tension between the forces of capitalism and of government.  Read the
> history of the US even back during the country's formation.  There never has been a period without government sticking its oar
> into the proceedings of commerce, sometimes with good effects, sometimes with bad ones.  And many times the very forces of
> capitalism you promote have been the ones screaming the loudest, demanding government regulation to improve their own market
> positions!

Of couse, there is always some sort of REGULATORY government but we
don't need a big-brother type design and construction government agency
to spend the tax dollars without competition for cost and quality.

Tom Chiu, SE
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