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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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Dear Bill,

I suggest next time you are in small boat lost at sea and teh USCG comes get
you you ask what private outfit would do it and what would they charge you.

The next time a burglar breaks into your house call a private security firm.

I spent a long time in private industry they are just as good and bad as teh
government sector.

because humans is humans

john nichols

At 17:41 8/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
>With all due respect, I am hard pressed to find many examples where a
>government agency did a job better than the private sector. Maybe one
>exception is putting a man on the moon or WWII.
>Bill Allen
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>Subject: Re: California State Employees' Initiative
>>Absolutely.  It's simply a case of using the best tool for the job.
>>that means a governmental agency, sometimes it means private consultants,
>>sometimes it wouldn't much matter which way you go.  In any case, though,
>>should try to work together.