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Re: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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>> I wrote up a one page spread sheet that I used to screen
clients and used it fairly religiously from then on. If a client didn't
70% or better on its scale I turned down the work.  Questions were...
Condominiums?... Late payer?.... 
Past client?... Gut feeling?... Flamboyant BS artist?... You get the

An excellent idea!  Quantifying those gut feelings. I'll give that a shot.

As of this AM the Client wants an amendment to my contract stating
basically that I will "make right" anything that goes wrong if I screw up.
I have written one up and am going to run it by my lawyer first; she may
come up with some disclaimers I haven't thought of.

And if he doesn't like it, I will walk away.

Kate O'Brien, P.E.