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Re: Code Question

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>You have a building located in seismic zone 0
>You are using the 1997 or the 1994 UBC
>What UBC provisions are applicable for seismic zone 0? There is one
reference to zone 0 in 1630.1.1.  If zone 0 does not require any
consideration, what is the purpose of the reference?

We've always taken the UBC's pronouncements as a model code as the minimum
requirements for design and analysis of buildings or other structures....

For Instance: We used a seismic zone of 3 for the analysis and design of a
complex of three midrise buildings many years ago in Portland Oregon even
The Seismic zone map at that time showed most of Oregon as a 1 ! We did this
because of a "horse sense" feeling that seismicity could not abrubtly change
at a political border such as the state line. Most likely the values were
set because of a lack of Oregon data at that time.. Now after recent
sleuthing by geotechnologists we know that Oregon does indeed experience
major subduction type events on a 300+- year reoccurence!! Talk is that our
coast should all be zone 4 . As of now Western Or is 3 and Eastern 2B. I'll
design for 4 West and seriously consider using 3 East  which will no doubt
reinforce the "Norbert overkill " moniker stuck to me by a builder here in
Bend! But, I'll sleep well..

Yours Truly,
Norb Volny, PE SE