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Re: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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>>> I wrote up a one page spread sheet that I used to screen
>clients and used it fairly religiously from then on. If a client didn't
>70% or better on its scale I turned down the work.  Questions were...
>Condominiums?... Late payer?.... 
>Past client?... Gut feeling?... Flamboyant BS artist?... You get the
>An excellent idea!  Quantifying those gut feelings. I'll give that a shot.
Kate, Thor & all interested,

My little liability spreadsheet is written in "Twin" a $99 low overhead 123
clone. It still resides on an "AT clone" . I'll run it and provide a copy of
the output and explanation of the input. It's really a simple arithmetic
exercise with some engineering judgement and "Bidness" horse sense thrown in
based on some articles on liability and E&O coverage I read in the early '80's!

Its at another office so wuill be a day or so.

BTW, I'd run from the client who wants an "anti-screwup" letter. Implicit in
her request is the fact that she's not sure she trusts You!!! I want my
clients to know that they want me to do their work not because I'm cheap but
because they trust my judgement and their's in coming to me in the first place!!

Yours Truly'
>From the not so far North...
Norb Volny, PE SE