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Re: Insurance questions

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I agree thoroughly with you regarding the seismic zonation interpretation.  I 
design in Arizona to Seismic Zone 2B (minimum) with a minimum 10% g and 
fought to have Southern Arizona zoned to 2B, compromised to 2A, after the 
1985 map changed most of Arizona from zone 2 to 1.  It should be remembered 
that the Algermissen Perkins seismic maps were based on pure probability 
modified by political input instead of historic seismicity.  It should also 
be remembered that the Algermissen Perkins seismic map reflect accelerations 
1/4 of the accelerations that a seismic event could produce  A later modified 
map shows accelerations of 3.6 g in California where it previously showed 
0.9g.  The previous Algermissen map (1971), based on historic seismicity, was 
in pre-1985 UBC's.  Probability works only for gamblers and abstract 
mathematicians, not structural engineers.

I also agree with you on your advice to Kate.  She would be hanging herself 
out on a line if she agreed to what her client wants.

BTW, I also have [Mosaic] Twin.  Lotus was so afraid of it, that it sued and 
won.  It seemed that Twin's screen looked a lot like 1-2-3's.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona