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Re: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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>I like this idea.  A copy of the spread sheet, if available, would be of
great interest. 

Here it is:               
           Liability Check Matrix
                                Client   Widget Ind.

                        Good    Fair    Marginal        Bad

Repeat Client                   1
Fee                             1
Changes                         1
Time Schedule                   1
Perfection?             1
Litiguous?                              1
Mouth?                  1
Ostentatious?           1               
Condominiums            1
Gut Feeling                     1
Communication                           1        

                        40      35      6       0               81
                                pERcENT Good Prospect           74%
Max Good                110                
    Bad                  11

Formulas are: sum(c6..c17)*10
total....     sum(c19..f19)

% good prosp 100*g19/c22

c22= #of categories*10

Obviously you can add or delete from the "qualifier" list.
Hope you can use this .

Norb Volny PE SE