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Re: 1997 UBC Earthquake Regulations Seminar by ICBO

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I'll take this one. I attended the 1997 UBC E/Q seminar in San Francisco.
The seminar was extremely valuable and well presented. Jerry Neville (sp?)
is a very special person in that he is very knowledgeable and a speaker who
is interesting to listen to (a rare combination) in our profession. I
encourage all who are able to attend the seminar somewhere.

I have attended two ICBO seminars and both were very good although the one I
attended on the Strength Design of Masonry left me convinced that, if
confronted by a "wall frame" to do it with a tilt wall instead of masonry.

Both seminars featured Jerry as well as a "heavy hitter" from the industry.
Jim Amrhein (of MIA fame) was "co-host" of the masonry seminar and S.K.
Ghosh (of ACI fame) had the same role at the E/Q seminar.

It seemed at both ICBO seminars that the presenters were sensitive to the
impact the code changes had on the amount of work we on the "front line" of
design had to do to address these code issues. This is something clearly
lacking in the SEAOSC seminars I have attended. Very strange.

If you go, Dennis, I would make one recommendation. Wear a disguise (as I
do) so someone doesn't recognize you from this listserv and take you outside
at break :o).

Bill Allen

P.S.- Yes, I did notice you changed your "quote".

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Subject: 1997 UBC Earthquake Regulations Seminar by ICBO

>Has anyone attended this Seminar, which was held in Fresno and Burbank over
>the last few days.
>I want to know if it's worth the cost of the seminar and a rental car to
>Thanks for any comments on this one.
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