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pier and grade beam foundation

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To all:

Well I appreciate every one response, however I think I found at least a 
partial solution to the issue. In section 302.2.2 (page 68) of the 1996 
SEOAC blue Book there are some guidelines regarding the design of a pier and 
grade beam type system.
I'm still not sure what to do about all the soils engineers that recommend 
a minimum of a twelve inch pier with four number four bars and a minimal 
amount of tie spacing. (12" o.c.) 
These recommendations due appear to be in violation of both codes.
These recommendations appear to be in conflict with chapter 18, 19 of the 
uniform building code and with regards to the above referenced section of 
the Blue Book.
Still for a lightly loaded wood frame structure, I am not convinced the 
amount of tie spacing required by the code is appropriate. But with seismic 
forces better to be safe, and the requirements are less restrictive than the 
I guess there is still some debate with in the committee about the exact 
nature of the concrete to soil interaction.
John Buchanan 
Santa Cruz CA