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Re: Insurance Questions

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This thread reminds me of an extended discussion on a Compuserve Forum for
Architecture a couple of years ago. The forum was very interesting and, in
fact, had a good representation of engineers in the building side of
engineering. Perhaps there are compuserve users on this list that can tell
if the forum is still active.

The forum frequently discussed the problem of getting paid by the client
or, worse, sued. One particular person, an architect, admitted that her
firm always had prospective clients investigated by a private investigator.
The investigator would look into court histories, bankruptcies, credit
ratings, previous work and so forth for any indications that the client was
not to be trusted. If one wants to know more about a prospective client, I
can imagine that a private investigator would be more productive than a

Be warned: I have never hired or used a private investigator. If, however,
an opportunity comes up to make some big bucks on a project working with
someone I know nothing about or "not from around here", I would give it
strong consideration.

At 05:07 PM 4/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Just a stray thought I picked up from a very parinoid 
>Check the proposed clients Court House History.
>If you do not know how to check court house records
>ask one of the clerks at the clerk of courts office ( morning
>snacks or holiday group gifts work wonders ) or
>ask your lawyer and pay him (they work better that way)
>and if he messes up you can sue him.
>These records may be in more than one courthouse
>depending on where the clients past work was done.
>Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.