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Re: Accreditation of Inspection Agencies

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On 3/25 yet another advertisement for Sandy appeared.  As usual he is thumping
his chest about A2LA accreditation.   Does any jurisdiction recognize it?  Why
don't you get accredited by one that is relevant here in California?  (perhaps
You mentioned the requirement for a staff engineer from ASTM E329.  Why is
this person conspicuously absent from your website?  (Not even a name
I am the Registered Civil Engineer responsible for the organization I work
for.  (I won't mention its name since this forum is not intended to be used
for self-promotion.)  
Lies, half-truths, etc. do a disservice to the structural engineering
I am growing weary of the implication that testing laboratories are not
qualified to perform inspection.   Please confine these advertising claims to
your website.  Stop bombarding this board with claims that might be more
appropriate on a late-night infomercial.

James E. Parker, P. E.