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WOOD: dowel bearing values for 2-2xs sill plates

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Can I combine 2-2x4 Redwood sill plates to meet
the new 97 UBC foundation plate requirement?

I am in processing of assembling a table for
selecting the plywood shear wall, foundation
plates and anchor bolts especially for Seismic
Zone #4.  Since SEOAC's list has a limit on
file size, I put my table in file called
"dowel02.doc" in the web site in case you
would like to take a look of it.

97 UBC many new limits on the 2x sill plates.
I think most of the contractors would prefer
to have the options of using 2-2x whenever
they can.  (Unless the 3x RWD  become a lot
easier to get from now on.)

Here are my questions:

- Is it feasible to use 2-2x and treat it
  as a 3" thick plate?
- Can I still use the same NDS's design
  equations 8.2-1 to 8.2-6 to obtain shear
- How much nailing is enough to consider
  the 2 plates as one?

Thank you for your time.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank
Mr.Tim McCormik and Mr. Charles Jourdian for
helping me on my earlier questions about SG
value for Foundation Redwood.

Sam Chang, SE
Cupertino, CA

To download file "dowel02.doc" please visit StlShape
URL "";

or send me a e-mail to me.