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FWd: Elsalvador needs your help

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Recently I got this email. Please help the author if you can. Please send
response directly to the author at cfjohnso(--nospam--at) . Please DO NOT reply
to the list since the author is NOT subscribed to our list server.

Thank you.

Shafat Qazi.

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Dear Mr. Qazi:
I conducted a search on the World Wide Web for structural engineers 
associations and found your organization listed among the 86 sites.  As 
Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in El Salvador, I oversee 
educational and cultural programs, as well as the Embassy's media 
relations.   Recently, a local university asked for assistance with a 
possible academic exchange.  That is the reason for sending this e-mail 

Background:  El Salvador suffered a devastating earthquake in 1986.  
There are a number of buildings which are still suffering the effects of 
that event.  Some of them are on the campus of the University of El 
Salvador.  Recently, I was talking to officials at the university and 
they asked about the possibility of identifying structural engineering 
professors with earthquake experience who might be interested in teaching 
in El Salvador for a brief time.   Since the University of Salvador could 
not fund such an exchange, the person would have to apply either for a 
Fulbright Lecturer grant or identify some other source which would 
finance travel and living expenses.   At a loss as to where to begin 
finding such a person, I turned to the WWW.  In addition to the 
aforementioned qualifications, the person would need to be fluent in 

Assistance Requested:  Are any of SEAOC's members serving as faculty at 
universities as well?   Would any of them be interested in such a 
exchange opportunity?   Could you direct me to a more appropriate 
organization if yours does not normally become involved in these types of 
activities?  Are there any professional engineering organizations which 
routinely support exchanges of this nature?

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to review this message.  I 
look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  


Cynthia Farrell Johnson  
US Information Service
US Embassy San Salvador
Unit 3118
APO    AA    34023
Ph:  (011-503) 278-4444 x2481
Ph:   (011-503) 228-3086 (direct)
Fax: (011-503)-278-6015
Inet: cfjohnso(--nospam--at)

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