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RE: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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>>Finally, I am a firm believer that E&O is like a pot of gold waiting for
someone to come along with a frivolous suit to dip into the pot. So far, I
have been threatened on numerous occasions as a cross-complainant (never
directly sued), but was dropped from the suit when the attorney's found
there was no pot to dip into.<<

Yes; this is one of the big reasons I really do NOT want to get it.

On this particular job, the Client asked me to attach a rider saying I
would make good on anything that went wrong that was my fault  (I added a
lot of disclaimers and ran it by my lawyer before sending it to him). If he
had STILL not been happy I would have walked away.

This incident makes me wonder how many people actually read my contract
before signing it.