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RE: Insurance questions (E&O this time)

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Not quite, Kate. SEAOC publishes only delinquent members names, supposedly
(and I really hate this) to remind them or have their associates remind them
that their dues have not been received. Personally (having been on the first
list a few years ago) I think it is a shame tactic which I abhor. If they
want to notify members that they are late on their dues, let them send a
post card rather than publish a glossy state publication (Plan Review).
As far as the private sector - naming deadbeat clients is one sure way to
end up in court for slander. All it takes is one sore engineer who refuses
to admit that possibly he/she was at fault over a refusal of payment. For
this same reason, we can't publicly name Architects or other professionals
who are incompetent or deadbeats - this is best left to small claims and the
licensing boards. However, each of these becomes public record and it may
not be a bad idea (if we had the search capabilities in the courts) to have
access to a list of any professionals legal proceedings - whether it be
small claims or civil proceedings.

Dennis S. Wish PE
La Quinta, California

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will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment."
Robert Hutchins

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>>Just another sobering thought:

I had a client who got that kind of a contract with her 2nd engineer.  (The
first one sued her and won).

She has since sued her 2nd engineer and won as well as getting his license

She sued her framing sub-contractor (she was an owner-builder) and has won.

She sued a truss company and won.

She turned in four engineers to the State Board; one suspension, one
warning; 50% batting average.

She is suing her first attorney for malpractice; ongoing.

She has sued me, her expert witness, for designing shoring for her home
after the Building Department issued her a Correction Notice; i.e. fix the
trusses or shore the house.

She is on her third attorney.

Her house isn't finaled by the Building Department and guess who's suppose
to sign off that her house meets code after corrections are made to the
building per my and my architect's drawings?

Stay tuned.<<

Boy she sounds like the Psychobitch From Hell.

You wouldn't want to name names, would you??

The reason I ask is I have worked with a couple of women who I could easily
imagine doing all of the above.

Seriously: if we had a SEAOC Clients from Hell database, where we each
contributed names of our worst clients or client wannabes, with a brief
description of WHY they are clients from hell, we could all persue this
before accepting anyone new.

The Board publishes names of engineers who have been bad. I just think that
knife ought to cut both ways.

Kate O'Brien