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Re: California State Employees' Initiative

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Kathleen A. O'Brien wrote:

> >>History also abounds with cases of large firms abusing their position if
> allowed unrestrained access to markets.  Check out the "robber baron"
> period at the end of the last century for more details.  That's the period
> that led to the anti-trust legislation passed during T. Roosevelt's
> administration<<
> Actually if you go back and research that period you will see that the
> Robber Barons (in particular the Big Four: Stanford, Huntington, Crocker
> and Hopkins) abused power by buying Legislators and GETTING THEM TO PASS
> LAWS OUTLAWING COMPETITION. That is not a free market. That is a regulated
> market.

Yes, but that misses my point, which was that businesses demand regulation and
government must grow to meet that demand, and that the US has always had
government involvement in business and so has never truly had a "free"
market.  Whether the regulations they demand are fair in their nature or
implementation is a different topic entirely.