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wood - Shear wall connection to radius roof???.

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"My opinion", and without seeing the drawings:
When the roof diaphragm is properly nailed to the "pressure blocks" (tight
2x10 block between 2x10 joists perpendicular to 2x10 joists, nailed to our
radius G.L. beam) and "pressure blocks" are adequately nailed to the radius
G.L. beam.
Then by adequate connection of the shear wall's sheathing to the radius G.L.
beam transferring the diaphragm's shear to shear wall is almost done.

Kasey. Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)
Vancouver, B.C. 

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At 11:26 AM 4/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a roof diaphragm that is framed with 2x10's @ 16" o/c laid
>perpendicular to a shear wall. The 2x10's are connected to radius Glu-Lam
>Beams and follow a 31'-6" radius.
>How do I frame a shear wall to the bottom of the blocked 2x10's? Here is my
>thought. Can anyone suggest a better method?
>1. 4x solid block the 2x10's continuously,
>2. From a horizontal beam (with an existing stud wall below the beam) extend
>cripple studs (panel will be from 24" to 6'-0" tall based on the radius)
>from the beam below to the blocking above.
>3. block the studs (compression block) below the 2x10's and secure the stud
>flat block to the 4x blocking between the rafters.
>4. Install a continuous strap from above the roof diaphragm and secure it
>for the required length of drag to the blocking with appropriately sized
>nails - nailing through the plywood sht'g and into the blk'g.
>5. sheath the shear panel from the mudsill of the wall below the beam up to
>and over the flat blocking between the pony wall studs - including nailing
>of the plywood to the beam separating the pony wall from the existing stud
>bearing wall below.
>Does this sound like it will properly transfer shear from the diaphragm down
>to the foundation? I believe the strapping above the diaphragm will repair
>the discontinuity lacking in the stud blocking.
>Anyone have a better suggestion???? Please help as soon as you can.
>Thanks in advance.
>Dennis S. Wish PE
>La Quinta, California
>ICQ# 6110557
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