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FW: WOOD: dowel bearing values for 2-2xs sill plates

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My opinions are below:
From: 	Szuchuan Chang[:szchang(--nospam--at)]
Sent: 	Friday, April 10, 1998 4:04 AM
To: 	Seaoc
Subject: 	WOOD: dowel bearing values for 2-2xs sill plates

Can I combine 2-2x4 Redwood sill plates to meet
the new 97 UBC foundation plate requirement?...
Here are my questions:

 - Is it feasible to use 2-2x and treat it
  as a 3" thick plate?

Well, let's look at the shear path.  Let's assume that you are nailing the plywood staggered at both 2x plates.  Then I believe by merely nailing two plates together at say 6" o.c  and by having a.b. extend through both plates you will achieve shear transfer to the foundation.  Also see question 3.

If you are nailing plywood to a single 2x plate then inter plate nailing should be able to transfer one half of the total wall shear. Nailing plywood to a single 2x plate with nails closer than 3 in o.c. may cause splitting of the plate and should be avoided.

 - Can I still use the same NDS's design
  equations 8.2-1 to 8.2-6 to obtain shear

I can't see why not.

 - How much nailing is enough to consider
  the 2 plates as one?

The crossgrain bending is another concern though, and it should be looked at on case by case basis depending on the deflection at the holdown and calculating horizontal shear in between plates etc..

Thank you for your time.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank
Mr.Tim McCormik and Mr. Charles Jourdian for
helping me on my earlier questions about SG
value for Foundation Redwood.

Sam Chang, SE
Cupertino, CA

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Sasha Itsekson, PE