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Re: Pointless Badgering of Sandy Pringle

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Mr. Warren,

Well Said.

Arvel L. Williams, P.E.

Williston Warren IV wrote:

> I am tired of lack of construction quality that is provided by "inspectors"
> whether they are employed by testing labs or cities.  Cities take a fee for
> government and tell the building owners that they inspect them for
> compliance.  The last couple of project I looked at in the field after the
> inspector makes me question was the inspector there? did he get out of his
> car? or what?
> Many of us question cities providing this service, beacause by providing it
> at whatever level they do they preclude the design engineer from performing
> this and being paid for the exposure, since the owner is already paying the
> city for this.
> I also question the inspector employeed by a testing lab.  My personal
> experience has been a nightmare and this is a big problems whether Mr.
> Parker believes it.  Mr. Parker should spend a little time in the field
> being responsible (completely) for the efforts of the contractor.
> I do see Sandy attempting to do something whether you see it or not, I do
> not see the testing labs and their inspector trying anything other than
> telling me that "everything is alright" when plywood shearwalls are
> incorrectly nailed, wrong sheet thinkness and no shear transfer, this after
> the inspector said it was alright.  It was alright because the shearwall
> had plywood, nails and appeared vertical.
> Do you wonder why there is so much litigation, too many lawyers, wrong, too
> many un-supervised contractors and inpsectors being paid by the contractor,
> not paid off, just paid.  How can you tell your employeer that he has to
> tear out the incorrect elements and replace it?   THIS IS WHAT BOTHERS ME.
> True my experiences with testing labs has been extreme, no references, no
> plans, no show, no clue, no tools and having to drive some where to get
> these while you wait.  I agree not all have been this way, but way to many
> to be refered to as professionals (over half the time).
> Another thing I do not understand, Mr. Parker, do you think the quality of
> construction has no where to go? is it NASA level?
> Many of us are interested in the Testing Lab's responses to Sandy's efforts
> "Lies, half-truths, etc....   claims that might be more appropriate on a
> late-night infomercial", this is a very telling response.
> Mr. Parker, if you are defending the current situation, my recommendation
> is to be less defensive and talk to those that are very unhappy with the
> current situtation.
>         Bill Warren, SE
>         Newport Beach, CA