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A little girls' wish -Reply

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Kathleen  A. O'Brien sent a forwarded message regarding a
request on the behalf of the girl and that the American Cancer
Society would respond by donating money to the girl's treatment.

I contacted the American Cancer Society regarding this request. 
They do not have any fund raising efforts associated with chain
letters of any kind.  If anyone wants to verify this information, they
can visit the American Cancer Society's web site at  They have a page about chain letters.

I strongly request that members of this list server refrain from
posting chain letter types of messages unless they have been
personally verified that they are authentic.  It only takes a couple
of minutes for a phone call to verify or refute the authenticity of
these messages.  Sending junk messages like this to the
hundreds or thousands of subscribers wastes valuable time.  We
also do not need to scroll through the message headers of all of
the other people that have been sent the forwarded message. 
This is yet another waste of time. 

This response is not meant to flame Kathleen O'Brien; it is
merely a reminder that E-mail messages are not always
legitimate and that E-mail users should not accept them blindly.

Chain E-mail letters are easier to pass along because they don't
cost you postage.

Brian E Kehoe