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Clients & Credit was Insurance (E&O this time)

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Our firm uses Dun and Bradstreet, it is usually cheaper than one bad account
and you can get faxed or mailed credit information or a general rundown over
the phone.  It's better than no information at all.

Arvel L. Williams

Kathleen A. O'Brien wrote:

> >> However, each of these becomes public record and it may
> not be a bad idea (if we had the search capabilities in the courts) to have
> access to a list of any professionals legal proceedings - whether it be
> small claims or civil proceedings.<<
> Probably a much better way to go than a database.
> Back when I was unattached and dating, there was the Femnet. Women REALLY
> talk to each other about men.  You have NO idea.  If there was one thing I
> would like the men of America to understand, that would be it.
> Kate