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Re: A little girls' wish -Reply

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I am sure that like you everyone who read Kathleen's Forwarded message had
the same impulse, if not they are not a member of any Human Race that I
want to know, even if this little girl is not real there are enough others
who could use help that a reminder to send a few dollars each to the
American Cancer Society can't hurt.

Kathleen - I sent a small check to the Society and hope others did to.

I have no problem with being reminded once in a while to do something for
others, I find that I get to focused, if not here thats allright I have
other places that will remind me.

To all who like Brian thought to give Congratulations there is hope for the
race yet.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.

PS: Cancer in various forms has claimed three good friends over the last
two years.