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Fly Ash

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Can anyone tell me the pluses and minuses of fly ash?  I have text books
telling me one thing and technical bulletins telling me the opposite.

The text books are telling me that fly ash increases concrete shrinkage
cracks while the technical bulletin is telling me that fly ash reduces
concrete shrinkage.  Granted, the technical bulletin is from Pozzolanic
(which is fly ash).  I am trying to use a concrete mix design that will
limit the amount of shrinkage cracks in the exposed concrete.

The Concrete Contractor has proposed the use of fly ash and has sent
literature to back up his claims (25% fly ash compared to the cement
content).  I do know that by allowing fly ash the cost for the concrete
will be reduced.  My concern is that the literature may not be telling the
whole story and he is just trying to save himself some $$.

I would appreciate anyone's help in this matter.  

Thank you.

Mike Brown, P.E.