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RE: Clients & Credit

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Roger, I received a call from them last week. I thought as you did that
someone had queried me but toward the end of the phone call realized that
they wanted me to subscribe to their service or some such sales pitch. I
have never used D&B for my engineering practice since I do not deal with
large or even mid size offices.
My gripe is that you must be a very large business to be able to report late
payments or defaults to a credit reporting service, but have no recourse to
being equally trashed by the mega companies you might owe money to.
How nice it would be to simply send a letter to whoever the latest and
greatest credit agency is (since I believe TRW is no longer on top) to
report that the small developer who hired you stiffed you for payments.
Yet, if your late with your credit card payments because your client stiffed
you, a mark is placed against you.
Fortunately, I have not had problems with credit over the last six or seven
years, but when I was starting out we could barely keep our heads above
water and our credit report was quick to bear this out.
Another big business advantage over the little guy.


PS. It would also seem reasonable that if you win a judgment against a
client in court that the judgement be attached to the clients credit report.
This is only the case if the judgment was one by a company large enough to
susbscribe the reporting agencies service.

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I have also used Dun & Bradstreet in the past, however, my opinion of the
service differs considerably from Arvel's.

I had found that the information in D & B's reports is generally not
lacking in accuracy and unreliable.

How many of you have received a telephone call or form in the mail from D &
requesting information to "upgrade" your file?  When this is done, it is
because someone had queried D & B about you and they are scurrying about to
try to get some information.  You could feed them anything, true or false,
and they would put it in your record and supply it to the requester.  Is
the kind of information that you want to rely on?  (If you do, as I now do,
not give any financial information over the phone, it is reported in the D &
B report as, "so-and-so declined to provide any information.")

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona