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RE: Clients & Credit

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Unless the person from D&B that called you started out by asking you to 
subscribe to their service and did not ask for financial information, I would 
suspect that he was calling based on an inquiry they had received.

I am getting very suspicious of telephone contacts to the point where I do 
not tell people any financial information, what equipment I have or don't 
have, what services (telephone, computer, etc.) I use or don't use, etc.  
They could tell me that they were the President of the United States and as 
far as I am concerned, they are only a voice on the telephone.  (Come to 
think of it, I wouldn't tell *him* anything, anyway!)

I believe that most credit reporting bureaus do pick up information off of 
public records, however, Justice Court (small claims court), where you and I 
would most likely be filing a claim, is not a "Court of Record," if I have my 
terms correct.  If I am not mistaken, it would only be when you get a 
judgement in Justice Court and you record the judgement with the county 
recorder would it become a public record.  (Justice court in Tucson (Pima 
County) is terrible.  You will rarely get the full amount that you claim.  
The JP, who doesn't even have to be a lawyer, will usually cut it in half.  
That is what happened to me when I even had a signed note from my client 
saying he would pay me the balance of the bill!)

I also believe that you have to subscribe to a credit reporting service 
before you can report stiffs to them.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > From: "Dennis S. Wish" <wish(--nospam--at)>
. > To: <seaoc(--nospam--at)>
. > Subject: RE: Clients & Credit
. > Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:10:14 -0700
. > 
. > Roger, I received a call from them last week. I thought as you did that
. > someone had queried me but toward the end of the phone call realized that
. > they wanted me to subscribe to their service or some such sales pitch. I
. > have never used D&B for my engineering practice since I do not deal with
. > large or even mid size offices.
. > My gripe is that you must be a very large business to be able to report 
. > late payments or defaults to a credit reporting service, but have no 
. > recourse to being equally trashed by the mega companies you might owe 
. > money to. How nice it would be to simply send a letter to whoever the 
. > latest and greatest credit agency is (since I believe TRW is no longer on 
. > top) to report that the small developer who hired you stiffed you for
. > payments. Yet, if your late with your credit card payments because your 
. > client stiffed you, a mark is placed against you. Fortunately, I have not 
. > had problems with credit over the last six or seven years, but when I was
. > starting out we could barely keep our heads above water and our credit 
. > report was quick to bear this out. Another big business advantage over the
. > little guy.
. > 
. > Dennis
. > 
. > PS. It would also seem reasonable that if you win a judgment against a
. > client in court that the judgement be attached to the clients credit 
. > report. This is only the case if the judgment was one by a company large
. > enough to susbscribe the reporting agencies service.
. >