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Three tales and Kate's story

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Dear Kate,

Your tale sparked along with the other post on Doctors a memory of a story
about a Doctor I knew quite well.

He made a mistake and a baby died.  It was not a pleasant death for the
parents and I spent one long Saturday afternoon listening to the mother's story.

Anyway about 6 months later I was standing next to the Doctor when the
motehr walked by.  He turned to me and said he was worried he and teh other
Doctor would have been struck off if she had complained.

I thought for a minute and then said he wouldn't have had that problem if he
had done it to me.

He said O Why not? 

I said you are automatically struck off if 2.7 grams of lead enters your
cranial cavity at 700 feet per second.  And turned and walked off.

One of his mates later said I was mean for scaring him that way.  Poor soul.

I leave it to the Lord to judge in the end.

John Nichols