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Re: Food for thought

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What is wrong with our profession?!
I respect all professions particularly Good Physicians beleive me there are
many of them. 
But I feel sorry for:                                 "Prostitutes"....
g Army"...... and so on....

We are "Who" we are. Not "What" we are. The quality of a person's life does
not depend on how high is his profession but his vision.
I see that we are scared of death. We know nothing about it.
How come?!
We were there for Billions and Billions of years! until we came(were born)
to This World for just a second!
And again right back to where we were.
And if 2=1+1 there is Order and Justice in this Universe, Here and There.

Kasey Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (Structural)

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Dear Mike,

Have you ever noticed that the Doctors expect payment at the time do not
like credit.

They have no proposal time

You have to wait for them

You can never get them on the phone

They work 2000 hours per year and get paid for most of it.

Its very difficult to sue if you are dead.

And they play golf.

Aside from that you know what I really like about Doctors


John Nichols

At 10:51 15/04/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I went to a Doctor the other day to see about getting a deviated septum
>repaired.  We went over the procedure with explanations on what would
>happen and the benefits of making the repairs.  I was now ready to make the
>appointment and go through with the operation.
>However, I was then sent to a person to discuss money and liability. 
>During this process I was suppose to sign a waiver of liability which
>basically stated that if the procedure did not work, too bad.  I wouldn't
>even get my money back.
>So, I was just thinking.  Why couldn't we do that?  Just have our clients
>sign a waiver stating that if a building had a structural failure, then too
>bad, it just wasn't ment to be.
>Of course I know that this is unethical, impractical, bad for business and
>the profession, etc.  But how come the medical profession can get away with
>this type of treatment?  I understand that there is a lot of lawsuits filed
>against physicians, but there are a lot of lawsuits filed against engineers
>as well.  I just believe that if you say you are going to provide a
>service, you provide that service.
>Maybe I'm just missing something.