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Re: Food for thought

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Brian Veit wrote:

. > I think the important thing to focus on is WHY doctors get paid more.
. > 
. > They don't compete on PRICE!  Just like realtors, dentists, and lawyers.
. > 

I think that the reason that these people demand and get greater fees than 
engineers is that they are providing what may be considered as *personal* 
services.  A doctor makes *you* well or keeps *you* alive.  A dentist takes 
care of *your* tooth so that *you* will not suffer pain, or removes the tooth 
that is causing *you* pain.  A lawyer defends *you* if *you* are accused of 
something, represents *you* if *you* are seeking redress from someone else.

Just think how much of a fee a doctor or dentist would demand if a nurse 
selected on the basis of a low bid performed the surgery/treatment and the 
doctor never showed his/her face after diagnosing the problem and never 
inspected the work after it was completed.

Just think how much of a fee a lawyer would receive if he/she just confirmed 
that *you* had a case/defense and told *you* to go to someone else based 
on their low bid when it came time to have the case adjudicated, never showed 
his/her face in the courtroom and never reviewed the case/documents after 
it/they was/were completed.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona