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Re: UBC-97 Table 16-N

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Dear Engineers
I am a licensed architect who lives in another state but which was born and
raised in Southern California. I am aware of a situation that I believe
needs to be brought to the attention of your licensing authority in
California. I tried to get their number via the operator but they could not
find it.
I thought I would ask you who to talk to, since the problem is with a person
that claims to be an architect and an engineer. He is neither. He has never
been licensed but has a corporation and claims to have people on staff
(which he does not) he works from his house. He does hire an engineer to
stamp his plans when a stamp is required and the engineer does do the
engineering. but the facts are that this person draws all of the plans and
the engineering is not real complete. I told this person to stop his actions
several years ago and he did briefly. I just found out, He has since started
advertising again under architects and if you call his number he claims to
be architects and engineers. As a licensed architect I believe it is my
responsibility to reveal situations like this as I feel it is a danger to
the publics safety not to mention illegal. Since I have given him warning
and he chooses to ignore me I want to make sure that he is punished and does
not recieve another slap on the hand because he got away with this once
before. This is the kind of flimflam man that gives architects and engineers
a bad name not to mention we have to compete against him. please let me know
what you think is the best way to handle the problem and who I should

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From: Sleiman Serhal <mony(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, April 16, 1998 7:15 AM
Subject: UBC-97 Table 16-N

>Regards everybody,
>It seems to me that there is a little mess up with the footnotes of
>Table 16-N of the UBC-97:
>In item 4.b. of the "Moment resisting frame system," footnote 7 is
>referenced but obviously doesn't apply, It looks like it should refer to
>footnote 8 or something else missing from the footnotes !
>In the "Cantilever column building systems," footnote 6 is referenced
>while this one should obviously refer to footnote 7...
>In the "Shear wall-frame interaction systems," footnote 8 is referenced
>and this seems appropriate.
>Would anyone be kind enough to check out the above ?
>Moni Serhal