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RE: UBC-97 Table 16-N

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Check out the ICBO web site, I believe at, for the latest errata on UBC'97.

Hope this will help,

Sasha Itsekson, PE

From: 	Sleiman Serhal[:mony(--nospam--at)]
Sent: 	Thursday, April 16, 1998 9:23 AM
To: 	seaoc
Subject: 	UBC-97 Table 16-N

Regards everybody,

It seems to me that there is a little mess up with the footnotes of
Table 16-N of the UBC-97:

In item 4.b. of the "Moment resisting frame system," footnote 7 is
referenced but obviously doesn't apply, It looks like it should refer to
footnote 8 or something else missing from the footnotes !

In the "Cantilever column building systems," footnote 6 is referenced
while this one should obviously refer to footnote 7...

In the "Shear wall-frame interaction systems," footnote 8 is referenced
and this seems appropriate.

Would anyone be kind enough to check out the above ?

Moni Serhal