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Show Me the Bodies (was snow load is Conservative)

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> It's great that this reality-check question has registered with
> some members
> of this listserv, even if it is incorrectly attributed.  The
> tornadoes last
> week in Arkansas killed about as many people as Northridge or
> Loma Prieta, yet
> likely will be forgotten a year from now, whereas Northridge and
> Loma Prieta
> have influenced, and will continue to influence, codes for years
> to come, and
> jack up construction and design costs in the process.

Perhaps the question should be, "Where is the money?"  The high cost of
earthquakes is one of the main motivations for the research (esp.
performance based design).  This research and code development becomes more
appropriate as taxpayers pick up a greater share of the tab.

The more fiscal responsibility that the Feds pick up, the greater will be
the regulation and control.  If you want a good example, just look at the
pending tobacco legislation brought about by state Medicare lawsuits.

James Lord, S.E.
URS Greiner