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Re: Plywood Diaphragms

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I have seen similar situation. The project engineer used plywood sheathing
"UNDER" (and left the existing sheathing that was over the joist) the
existing 2x10. Also connected the perimeter masonry walls to the joists with
steel connectors.
Let me know if I could be more assistance.

K. Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)
Vancouver, B.C. 

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At 09:57 PM 4/16/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I have an existing building (cerca 1945) with a wood roof, but no ligitamite
>diaphragm. The structure is in Seismic 2. We are remodeling this structure and
>need to bring it up to code. We are adding a plywood diaphragm on top of the
>existing framing.
>The contractor wants to leave the existing roofing (1/2" thick roofing) in
>place. I am looking for opinions on increasing the nail size and allowing them
>to do this. The plywood will not carry any gravity loads. Has anyone seen any
>pullover problems or anything else which may suggest problems with this?
>Richard Dahlmann, P.E.