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Re: Food for thought

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Sticking to engineering, the WHY question can still be answered based on two
factors. One is the emotional attachment placed on the service and that age
old business truism of supply and demand. The only time emotional attachment
is placed on structural engineering services is when there is a structural
collapse. This is why I often tell my friends (tongue in cheek) after an
earthquake that God is my marketing director.

The second issue of supply and demand can be easily corrected by having the
laws changed in California whereby the CA UBC is adopted for all structures
(not just schools and hospitals). If that happened, you would probably never
hear another structural engineer complain about fees.

Bill Allen

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>>I think the important thing to focus on is WHY doctors get paid more.
>The important thing to focus on (in this list anyway) is engineering.
>Unless we want to broaden the discussion to include why a first-rate
>pipefitter is paid less than a second-rate marketing executive.
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