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Re: SLAB - Control Joints in Concrete Slab o

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Roger Turk wrote:

> Reference ACI Materials Journal, May-June, 1989, "Guide for Floor and Slab
> Construction," reported by ACI Committee 302, pg 252 - 296. (There is now a
> 1997 version of this report --- See ACI Publication Catalog, page 69)
> Section 2.3.2 on Contraction Joints (Control Joints) states that the maximum
> spacing (in feet) for non-structural slabs should be 2 to 3 times the slab
> thickness (in inches).  For a 4" slab, the maximum spacing would be 8 to 12
> feet.  Additional caveats are stated.  (In Arizona's hot, dry climate, the
> shorter distance would be the one I would use.)


Does anyone know if the requirements in the 97
version are different?

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