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Re: Food for thought

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In a message dated 98-04-17 00:40:17 EDT, Christopher Wright writes:

<< >I think the important thing to focus on is WHY doctors get paid more.
 The important thing to focus on (in this list anyway) is engineering. 
 Unless we want to broaden the discussion to include why a first-rate 
 pipefitter is paid less than a second-rate marketing executive.  >>

Whoa!  bad day, or what?
A)   The topic of this clearly indicates a non-tech. thread.  The entire
discussion has NOT been focussed on "engineering" -- if by "engineering" you
are referring to only the technical side of the profession.  It started with
an item about doctors!
B)  This list serves engineers, not pipe fitters.  I'm sure they discuss pay
scale on their own list-serve.
C) My point is that engineers MUST think about broader issues, including pay
scale.  Why do some engineers insist on sticking their head in the sand when
this topic is raised?  Must we stereotype our narrow-minded image?

BTW, Bill, I think you are right on target with your two reasons.

Brian Veit, P.E.