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Re: General Business

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It's not hyperthetical!
I am in the same position at the moment.  I have enough committments at the to expand either into a partnership or hire etc.  I have the same reservations as you do (...been there done that..).  I am, however, in the process of doing an office review of my procedures with the goal to develop some sort of electronic office that will speed up my productivity especially with general administration and document production.  I am doing the review with a friend who specializes in network and computer systems.  In our discussions we have concluded that there must be others out there with similar problems.  If you will tell me your specific requirements it may be we have a common problem that can be solved with a common answer.
To date I have contracted drafting and design reviews out, but like myself the individuals providing the service have the same "overhead" concerns and there seems to be little economy in that approach over the hiring and company expansion scenario??
Thor Tandy  P.Eng
Victoria  BC
Subject: General Business

I've got a hypothetical question to throw out.
I have been getting really busy. I currently am a one man office working out of my home although I've got an executive office to ........