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Re: Food for thought

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>Whoa!  bad day, or what?
Naw. Seems to me that the same principles that determine engineer's pay 
vis a vis that of doctors (or what we imagine doctors get paid) determine 
why pipe fitters earn less than marketing executives. Pure supply and 
demand doesn't explain it--I'd bet that society demands leakproof pipes 
more than advertising jingles. Seems to me that if you're concerned about 
getting more money (and broader issues), you might want to start thinking 
about what creates the demand that makes people with money want to spend 

You might also want to think about why the thread started comparing 
engineering pay scales with those of doctors, and not, say, lawyers or 
insurance salesman, who make just as much money. I wonder if there's an 
element of perceived respect here that mixes the pay scale issue with a 
little professional envy. Maybe if I could go to a cocktail party and 
have strangers standing in line to introduce themselves and ask me about 
the buckling of cylindrical shells, comparative pay scales wouldn't seem 
so important. Or if my mother referred to 'my son the mechanical 
engineer,' instead of, 'I think he does something with machinery, but 
don't ask me what.' Maybe a TV program called 'Design Office,' featuring 
people in flannel shirts and dockers working against project deadlines to 
craft ever more elegant finite element models.

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