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These are the same problem I have being a one man office. In refusing jobs
when you're busy, you not only lose the opportunity to make money but you
might lose a potentially good client if he finds another engineer, likes  his
work,  and decide to give him all his jobs. Accepting all jobs and being late
or lowering the quality of your work is also not good because you will lose
your regular clients this way. 

As for using consultants, I tried it a long time ago but I was not happy with
the quality of work and I ended up re-doing it myself. I haven't done this for
a while and I have no plans of doing it again unless I can find somebody that
I can trust.

I have been accepting all jobs and working hard (sometimes two straight days,
non-stop, except for a few minutes break, to meet deadlines) but I try to make
up for it during slow times where I sometimes rest for one whole week after
working straight for 3 or 4 days. I just watch out to make sure I don't get

In choosing between being late and lowering the quality of job to submit it on
time, I choose being late. A low quality job gets you in trouble in the long
run. Being late a day or two or three may not be too bad since some clients
are more patient as long as you give them a high quality job. I noticed that
they come back to me even if I'm late sometimes.

I would still like to go the way of "Consultants" if only there is a way to
organize or train a pool of dedicated design individuals. They don't have to
be experienced because I noticed that with so many ways to design a building,
an experienced designer will only apply what he learned from a particular firm
and it may not be the same as what you learned or want on your job, or it does
not meet your standard. I am willing to train somebody who I think will do a
good job, be responsible, dedicated and patient. I just hope that after
spending my efforts, time and money, the guy works for me for a while until i
recover my investment and maybe make some money before he works for somebody
else or go on his own.

I suggest that we organize a 'Consulting Design Team' consisting of young
Engineers-to-Be, inexperience enginners/designers who are willing to learn,
experience engineers who are willing to learn and adapt new design standards
of other engineers, etc. We then have to develop a training system whereby we
can offer these guys experience and hope that they can do the same for other
guys when they have enough of their own experience. It will be like a
temporary employment agency but we will have a hand in the training and
development of these guys.

Engineering students(preferable juniors and seniors),new graduates, unemployed
engineers, moonlighters, fellow one-man engineering firm who is not busy,
etc........ We need you!!!

We'll, it's just a thought.

Ernie Natividad