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Re: General Business

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<< If I were to hire someone (Option 3 - the least attractive), I would need
<< hire experienced people. While I have hired inexperienced people in the
<< and trained them, The University of Bill Allen is now closed. At this point
<< in my life, I am only interested in doing a good job and making money.
<< Thanks for the reply,
<< Bill


How about option 4: raise your rates (don't forget supply and demand).

Pricing of any product or service is always a bit tricky, but raising your
rates will make some work go elsewhere and leave you with possibly more money
overall for the remaining hours (and probably the better clients and more
interesting work).

With all the productivity gains resulting from office automation, internet,
etc. you're certainly delivering more value per hour and your rates should
reflect that.

Bruce Bates
RISA Technologies