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RE: Roof Retro-fit

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Contact the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI). They will be able 
to supply you with significant independent information on this topic.

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From: 	Michael D Zaitz
Sent: 	Friday, April 17, 1998 20:04
To: 	seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject: 	Roof Retro-fit

Hello all,

Has any one had any experience with roof retro-fits.  I have a building 
that is framed with 14 ga Zee purlins with a corrugated metal deck and 
then a foam roofing material (one architect told me it was a polyurethane 
 spray on foam that was marketed a while back and obviously did not 
perform well.)  What the architect wants to do is come in with hat 
channels mechanically attached to the purlins with standing seam roof on 
top (Batten Lok by MBCI).  One concern I have is the 1" thick layer of 
foam on top.  Can I just use self drilling screws and fasten through the 
foam down to the purlin?  Any other ideas or concerns?  We would like to 
leave the foam in place because of the cost of removing the foam.


Mike Zaitz