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This is my question for the week.  When performing a 3 dimensional dynamic
time history analysis using Etabs do we have to account for the accidental
eccentricity by performing another analysis with the mass shifted 5 or 10
percent of the plan dimension perpendicular to the earthquake ground
motion.  Normally we perform in our office, three analysis, in order to
satisfy the code's torsional requirements, (1.5e +- 0.1 Dn...etc) using the
equivalent lateral static method.  We merge the three results thru Merger
and use Reader for interpreting our results.  Now that we are performing
dynamic time history analysis for seismic rehabilitation projects we are in
a bit of a quandry as to the right procedure to utilize to satisfy the code

I am also curious as to what other engineers think about Etabs? 

Jon Turner