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Re: Timber pitched roof as a Diaphragm

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They came in a wide variety of formats.  Most were thin flexible trusses of
a varity of materials to span the distance. most 45 or steeper some to 60
degrees  Some pitched diagphams some with lower interior semi circular to
feature a timber roof.  All showed outward settlement of the softer wall,
for Newcastle ususlly west because of sun and entry on shaded eastern side
or south that tends to support eastern wall.  

There was one constant if the roof was flexible in one direction it would
pitch outward in that direction and not return.  Tie rods were sufficient to
stop the outward movement in a six second 5.5 earthquake 0.1 g in hte
churches I saw.  

If the earthquake was longer you would start to run into problems with these
walls.  Some have been through 3 earthquakes now.  

John Nichols

At 18:25 20/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Subject: Re: Timber pitched roof as a Diaphragm
>>I repaired a lot of church roofs pitched after the earthquake.(newcastle)
>>those that performed best had tie rods between the walls.  They can look a
>>decorative feature.  I was amazed at the difference in damage levels.
>>John Nichols
>In what arrangement?
>Thor Tandy