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RE: Tornadoes

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The research involves testing of various construction wall and roof sections 
for resistance to a specified missile. The missile parameters have been 
previously investigated from historic tornado records. This is similar (but 
not identical) to the ASTM and Dade County, Florida specifications for 
hurricane resistant glazing. The intention is to provide a safe haven in 
single family homes without the need for "self-burial" which is not practical 
in many areas due to poor soil or high ground water.

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From: 	Dan Vines
Sent: 	Monday, April 20, 1998 8:11
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Subject: 	Re: Tornadoes

Would this, by any chance, be similar to the 10'x10' x 6' high buried
concrete box with a heavy bolted steel door installed in my parents' home in
Arkansas?  I also remember my grandparents had a "storm-shelter" in thier
yard (anyone see the opening to the movie 'Twister'?)  What technology do we
have today that will make surviving a direct hit by a tornado that is better
than burying yourself?