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ICBO Seminar for 1997 UBC Earthquake Regulations

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Just wanted to report that I attended the seminar in Riverside today. I'm glad I did because I don't think I would have been able to get through this update without the seminar. The speaker - S. K. Ghosh was, as most of you confirmed, an excellent presenter of the information. It's pretty dry material, but Ghosh's enthusiasm and knowledge really made it worth while.
Last week we were discussing the need to design the whole system for the R value of the stiffest component. Bill Allen believed that this was the way the '97 UBC handles combination systems. He is correct - as far as the code is concerned. However, one of the plan checkers who attended the seminar reported that this was not the intent of the SEAOC committee when consideration was made for garage units with narrow piers. He reported that SEAOC would be issuing a revision for it's members that suggested designing for the stiffest element only in the line of shear that the element appears.
Does anyone else have more up to date information? This would really penalize a custom home where the engineer wishes to use an inverted pendulum system (flagpole) rather than a pinned moment frame. The frame would not be so severely harmed because it is not free to rotate and translate at the top.
Also we discussed when this code should be used in our design - today or after the local municipality adopts it. After listening to the second speaker from ICBO (I did not get his name) I am in favor of waiting until the municipality adopts it. The speaker indicated that most of these codes are developed without actual knowledge or testing of the design assumptions. Based upon this and the fact that SEAOC or other agencies will be revising it's position on certain sections of the code, I think it's best to wait rather than penalize our clients at the onset.
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