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Re: That was another week...

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In a message dated 4/19/98 5:36:05 PM, John Nichols wrote:

<<The Newcastle Earthquake hit a town of 500,000 with a 5.5 Mag event.  It is
at that level that 
the USGS really get serious at Menlo Park with their bulletins.  It only
killed thirteen interesting enough most of those in an engineered building,
but it was one of the largest claims on Insurance funds for the repair of
masonry mostly in the last three decades.  Newcastle has very few masonry
structures over 2 storeys.

I assume you're talking about (and from) Newcastle upon Tyne.  When was that
earthquake?  I was there a few years ago but wasn't aware of a major eq.

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond, CA, U