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AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document file

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To incorporate an AutoCAD detail into Micorsoft Word document,
I used to be able to capture the drawing on the screen in
AutoCAD 13 as a bitmap and pasted it into the Microsoft Paint.
The extra step does two things for me.  (1) change the color-scaled
bitmap to gray-scaled bitmap and  (2) invert the color.  Insert the
gray-scaled bitmap file keeps my word document size in reasonable
size and invert the color save inks when I print.

I can't do that in R14 anymore.   Here are my problems:

(1) Capture is capturing the whole screen (not just the
 working area.)
(2) Copy-link capture the working  area to the Clipboard
 but I can't paste it into Paint.
(3) Can't paste Clipboard into Paint.

What is the workaround out there?  Are there any other
software that can do the job?


Sam Chang, SE
Cupertino, CA