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RE: Glass information

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Consider one of the proprietary hand rails and contacting the manufacturers (PPG, Monsanto, Tempglass, etc.) Glass handrails should be proof tested (required by some local codes and also just good practice).  Consider a stronger glass than annealed or a laminate (for potential impact resistance).  Laminates are not as strong as a monolithic glass, but some local codes may require a laminate.  Look up the ANSI Z97.1 requirements for human impact.

A good starting point for single thickness glass is to use an allowable stress of:
2 ksi  for annealed
5.7 ksi for heat strengthened
12 ksi for fully tempered

E = 10,000 ksi

Harold Sprague
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.
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I am trying to find the physical properties of tempered glass, E, bending strength, etc. to justify a glass handrail design. Does anyone know or can anyone tell me where I may find the such information ? Thanks.