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RE: SLAB - Control Joints in Concrete Slab on Grade

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Call the local WWF supplier find out what the maximum gage that he stocks in rolled WWF, increase your gage by one size to insure that you get sheet stock WWF.


Use the 5" slab with rebar.  The extra cost is about $0.25 per sf of a slab on grade.  

Harold Sprague
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.
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Subject:	RE: SLAB - Control Joints in Concrete Slab on Grade

How do you achieve top (3/4") and bottom (3") clearance of the
reinforcing with a 4" slab?  I've always gone to a 5" slab when using
reinforcing.  Often times the client is not willing to pay for this and
I've been pushed back to using a 4" slab with wwf (even though we know
clearance was not maintained here either!).
Bob Germaine PE

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> We spec fibermesh for 2" topping slabs with good results, however, we
> always
> spec #4 @ 24 " o.c.  or #3 @ 18" o.c. for slabs on grade (Provided
> more
> stringent requirements are not reccommended by the soils engineer).
> Although
> #3 are our preference for 4" slabs, we have actually seen concrete
> installers
> remove the spacers because the 18" spacing is too tight and causes
> them to
> trip!!