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RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed

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I think the point was that SEAOC has a place for job listings on the web
site. Maybe we should have a humor or drivel link on the web site as well
(....for email such as my reply ;^) 

>I don't get it.
>Why is it that someone can't send a job listing on the mailing list? If SEAOC
>were genuinely concerned about the traffic it might generate (although I think
>I've only seen about three or four listings all the while I've subscribed to
>this list- and yes, oe of them was from me ;)) then why, for cryin out loud,
>is there so much "humor" stuff sent without so much as a request from the
>administrators to cease such truly irrelevant stuff?
>I'd much rather hear about a job offering somewhere than some of the other
>drivel that crosses this mailing list. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT a
>humorless person. I just think that the reason given for restricting job
>offerings is a red herring because thy do NOT clog the mail list nearly as
>much as other, more useless and irrelevant things do.
>Robert Grandmaison
>MKM & Associates- a company always eager to hire a good engineer or CAD